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Cost of Content Management Software (CMS)
by: Jake Johnson
Copyright 2009 Jake Johnson

Content management system is the latest rush in the management world. No one is unaware that this system enables amateurs to edit, write or even delete data on the web sites without being able to read or write HTML Lang. And this is exactly why content management software has become so popular within a short period.

Every aspiring business entity is adopting it and the ones who haven�t yet done so are more than eager to know all about its acquisition. But how do you start going about it? How do you know which available content management software is the best suited for your pocket? Queries like these have been on the mind for long, and now is the time to get hold of their solid answers!!

Choice of software
There are a lot of brands of content management systems available. Some of them being Perl, MySQL, WebGUI and the Apache Web server software based. Some of these available systems come in ready to install software packages which you can put up on your servers. And there are certain others which are accessed through internet via a browser by the people who have developed the software.

The ones which are accessible through the net by the developers prove to be cheaper than the ready to install packages. They can also be rented on a monthly basis and generally are lesser trouble makers in the area of technical support and expertise. But then again, the ready to install software has a whole and sole owner i.e. you. This is where you have to decide whether you have a better developer expertise and money to handle the software or you rather learn bit by bit and be on the safer side.

How much to shell out
Once you have decided which kind of software to go for your next step is to worry about the charges to set up the site. This varies to a wide extent because; some charge a single amount for the software and the needed support and training for a year. Others, charge separate for installation and separate for additional design work. Hence, the best way to make the cost fit your wallet is to estimate whole of the costs for a two year period. The way you can do this is by looking into the ongoing cover charges.

It seems cheaper to have the payment tension done with a single payment but then ongoing support costs cannot be ignored. Hence, the need to be on the look out for bogus offers of low prices is a must. Always remember that your software is of the lowest level if its installation on your computer is not generating any revenue for your supplier.

Usually the entry level cost for the content management system is around $ 55000. Generally the price for the license is between $15000 to $ 120000, while the maintenance costs anything from $ 2000 to $ 21600 and lastly the premiums may cost from $ 3000 to $ 30000, with discount. The variations in prices depend upon the type of content management system you decide to install and the number of added features you apply for.

Before installation of the content management system, be sure to go for a stand alone system, meaning that your system should have no need to get it customized for every job. If not done so then your budget may largely go out of control.

About the author:
Jake Johnson is the senior writer for ContentManagement Central - Your Source for CMS News, Resources and Articles.

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